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Parent Essentials

We look forward to working as a team to ensure your child is successful this year!

Parental Involvement in Schools information
  • Students whose parents are highly involved in their school will average about .5 to .6 of a standard deviation in overall educational outcomes.
  • Family participation in education is twice as predictive of student academic success as socioeconomic status.
  • Students with highly involved parents can experience learning gains in reading and math.
  • Students of involved parents have fewer behavioral problems.
  • Older students are less likely to drop out of school when their parents remain involved.
  • Students whose parents know about higher level programs, like AP classes, are likely to be in them.

Volunteer Opportunities

We need help in the following areas:

  • Morning Duty
  • Lunch Duty
  • After School Duty
  • Fall Festival Coordination
  • Classroom Material Preparation
  • Reading to Students
  • In Classrooms
  • Donations
  • School Celebrations
  • Science Fair

We welcome you this upcoming school year. If you have another area you are able to get involved in please let us know!

Ms. Dianna Valenzuela, our community coach, is available to assist you in getting involved.

Parent Resources

Parent Room

This upcoming school year we have a designated parent room! Please visit us and see your new space!

Computer Access

Need access to a computer? We have computers in our parent room for your use.