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Student choosing a book from the library shelf

I have created Mr. Harris' Library World! on Google Classroom. I will be posting short videos and sharing favorite resources and read alouds with students they can access if they'd like, whenever they'd like.

The code is a2qe2wi . Each week, by Tuesday, I will post a lesson. Please let me know if you want my help in any way and I will try to figure it out!

Duranes Library Goals

  • To promote the very best of children's fiction and nonfiction literature with activities designed to help students enjoy the books even more.
  • To teach research and computer skills specifically suited to the student.
  • To help students find materials especially suited to their individual interests and abilities.
  • To support classroom teaching and learning.


  • Phone: 764-2017 Ext. 55754

Online Resources

Access Classlink from anywhere. Just use your APS school I.D. and password.

See your librarian for database usernames and passwords.


Library Catalog

Albuquerque Bernalillo County Library System

Our terrific Albuquerque Public Library System with 17 branches!

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